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Avotone Body Sculpt Review Guide for Women

Does Avotone BodySculpt WorkThe brand name Avotone applies to a number of skincare products but not much is known about the background or qualifications for the development of their products. The Avotone Body Sculpting Lotion or AvoShape uses the properties of peptides and avocado oil to treat cellulite by creating smoother skin. skin

Avotone Ingredients

A combination of GHK peptide (Tripeptide-1) and avocado oil is used to help skin tone. The peptides help remove unwanted antioxidants and the avocado oil moisturizes the skin. Some other minor ingredients are caffeine, conjugated Linoleic acid, and parabens. (The latter has actually been known to cause skin irritations.)

Advantages of Avotone

If you purchase Avotone Body cellulite cream on their official website, they do offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. They also offer free shipping on your purchase. Since many cellulite creams use nut oils in them, this product is great for someone with a nut allergy since it employs avocado oil instead. There are lots of user testimonials on the official website that indicate that this product has worked for some individuals.

Negatives of Avotone

People with a latex allergy are often also allergic to avocadoes. This would not be a product advisable to use if that were your case. One of the ingredients (parabens) is also a known skin irritant. While avocado oil does help to moisturize the skin, it also contains quite a bit of fat.

This can potentially clog the pores and lead to other skin problems. This Avotone cellulite cream is rather expensive ($50) and there are no free samples offered. The website offers several disclaimers that make you wonder how effective the product truly is at reducing cellulite.

While the satisfied customer testimonials are impressive, it would be far more beneficial to see some actual scientific research done on the various products and their overall effectiveness. Avatone Review Conclusion

Avotone Body cellulite cream has quite an extensive marketing campaign, which may be quite a draw to some. However, there is a serious lack of research and pertinent information regarding the various ingredients and their purposes.

People should not be putting something on their skin that will eventually be absorbed into their body unless they know what it is and what it does. Bottom line: There are far less expensive and more effective treatments for cellulite than the Avotone body sculpting cream.