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Aminophylline For Cellulite Reduction

Dealing with the issue of cellulite is not something many people wish to engage in. Yet, cellulite does appear on the skin (and under it) and this can create an enormously unsightly visual image to the skin. Avoiding such an appearance is why so many are enamoured with a search for a product that can painlessly and easily remove the presence of cellulite from the skin. There are several products that claim the ability to eradicate cellulite since they include aminophylline. Is this really the wonder treatment the public needs?cellulite

Product Intro

While it can be considered a positive thing that there is a product claiming the ability to get rid of cellulite, Aminophylline has to actually deliver. Several different cellulite treatments do make such claims and promote the notion that the active ingredient aminophylline can yield the desired results. Yes, this does seem like a wonder product but it really is not. It falters on its claims which are certainly disappointing.

Product Details

Aminophylline’s origins as a product intended to deal with cellulite are somewhat curious. The original purpose of Aminophylline was that of a prescription for dealing with asthma. This is because it had the potential to open up the passageways in the lungs. This oral prescription was later modified into a topical skin product to fight cellulite that does not require a prescription. This truly might seem like an outrageous jump in terms of desired outcomes. In some ways, it is considering the results of using Aminophylline are a bit ambiguous.

Basically, the product claims the ability to dissolve cellulite fat on contact. As soon as it is absorbed into the skin, the belief is that it will destroy all fat deposits making cellulite go away almost immediately. The costs of most products with Aminophylline range from $25 to $50 making this a relatively affordable treatment for such an unflattering skin condition. However, the cost is irrelevant if the product is not one known for actually delivering results. Sadly, those treatments available promoting Aminophylline might not truly deliver on expectations which can certainly prove to be a major disappointment to those in dire need of an effective treatment.

The problem with Aminophylline is no one can truly ascertain its value and benefit. While there are those that do claim this is a wonderful topical which can lead to amazing improvements in skin health, the truth of the matter is most claims are inconclusive at best. That is not what you want to look towards when you are in dire need of getting rid of problematic cellulite. There really is no logic in seeking out a product of limited value when more established and viable treatment creams are available on the market.


This is a relatively inexpensive product compared to other products on the market and the many expensive cosmetic procedures available to deal with cellulite. There are a decent amount of testimonials to assume that some have experienced positive results with the cream. The topical nature of the cream makes it quite easy to apply to the skin. Once on the skin, it will absorb quickly which will enhance its possibly potential to delivering much needed results.


There is no definitive proof that Aminophylline will actually work all that well in terms of the ability to get rid of cellulite. Some may claim otherwise but conclusive proof simply does not exist. The oral form of this drug can come with incredibly dangerous side effects. These side effects can include heart palpitations, panic attacks, and respiratory failure. The long term effects of using this topical solution are still not known. More established products might give better results. 

No one wants to deal with the presence of cellulite. It is unsightly and unattractive. Seeking a remedy that can easily and effectively eliminate cellulite is something many people have been doing for quite some time. Those hoping that Aminophylline will provide the much needed solution to one’s woes will be disappointed. The jury is still out on whether or not this is an effective product although most indications are it is not. As such, it might be a much better plan to work with products known to deliver better and more tangible results.