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Anushka Cellulite Censored Liposerum Review

The Anushka Cellulite Censored Liposerum is made by a famous New York City spa therapist that specializes in anti-cellulite spa treatments. The spa treatments are clearly packed with more ingredients and cellulite fighting properties than the creams have. These treatments are extremely pricey, so she decided to make this serum for those women that don’t have access to high-end spas. A number of high fashion magazines recommend Anushka products to their readers on a regular basis.serum

About Anushkua Cellulite Censored Liposerum

This serum is made from a number of special ingredients chosen just for use on dimpled-looking skin. The website only lists key ingredients and doesn’t fully explain every ingredient they use in this product.

Butcher’s Broom is a relatively unknown ingredient that is used to treat the capillaries surrounding the cellulite problem. Scientists have no evidence to prove that it benefits dimpled-looking skin or any other condition. Butcher’s broom isn’t well researched. Carnitine is very common in the body and the world around us. Carnitine is used in the body to transport fats. It helps the body turn fat into energy.

Some evidence shows that taking a carnitine supplement will boost fat metabolism. This is a good ingredient to have in an anti-dimpled-looking skin product, but it probably doesn’t do a lot for the skin when taken transdermally. Caffeine helps widen the blood vessels when consumed in a certain dosage. This allows for more energy to be transported through the body.

Caffeine is used in a number of skincare products. Using caffeine in products can still cause a caffeine overdose, so it isn’t recommended to use too much of it. After some time it may also become less effective. Coleus Forskohlii Root is used in many foods around the world, especially in pickled dishes. It claims to help reduce fat cells, but no significant evidence has shown this to be true. Very little is known about Coleus Forskohlii Root.

Escin is used in a number of cosmetic products around the world. It serves the purpose of reducing capillary size and shrinking the appearance of wrinkles, black circles, and dimpled-looking skin. GHK Copper Peptide claims to be an antioxidant that boosts cell rejuvenation. Oxypeptide is a trademarked peptide that claims to boost cellular strengthening. Theophyllisilane C is the final ingredient that “claims” to boost the delivery of other ingredients used in this treatment.

According to the manufacturer, Anushka Cellulite Censored Liposerum is designed to deliver powerful ingredients and antioxidants transdermally. The ingredients listed above will then break down the fat cells and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Our Thoughts on Anushkua Cellulite Censored Liposerum

This cellulite cream contains a number of ingredients that are well regarded in the anti-cellulite department. Unfortunately, some of the ingredients have been known to cause allergic reactions, and the others are not rigorously tested to determine if adverse side effects may appear after usage of this product.

Pros: This anti-cellulite treatment is created by a well known spa specialist in NYC.

Cons: Her treatment that she provides in spas is likely much more beneficial to the body than this cellulite cream.The 6.7 ounce bottle of Anushka Cellulite Censored Liposerum costs around $80. It isn’t cheap! The magazines that tout this product were likely paid to promote its effectiveness. Final Verdict on Anushkua Cellulite Censored Liposerum

While Anushka Cellulite may work to a certain extent, full results take a long time to see, and you may need to continue using this product for a very long time. There are better methods for clearing cellulite than using an overpriced serum.