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Adonia Leg Tone Serum Review Cellulite Miracle or Scam?

Adonia Leg Tone Serum is a specially formulated serum derived from plant stem cells. This product works in 9 minutes to smooth cellulite and give the legs a lean and toned appearance. Cellulite is a condition that takes place in the skin when fat cells and skin cells are formed in an uneven pattern. These formations underneath the skin create the chunky looking surface that everyone refers to as “cellulite.”

How Adonia Leg Tone Serum Works

Adonia claims to use plant stem cells that target the fat cells and shrink them into a smaller more compact form. When this happens the skin cells in the leg revive and become healthy. This causes the smoothing appearance that everyone hopes for. They say that the appearance of unsightly cellulite will reduce 47% in just 9 minutes.

Organic Grapefruit Oil supposedly stimulates the body to reduce and get rid of any excess fat and toxins, which supposedly smoothes the legs and skin where the Adonia serum is applied.

Organic Lemon Peel Oil – This ingredient claims to boost circulation in the body, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite in the system.

Organic Carrot Seed Oil – Carrot Seed Oil claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite by healing skin cells and repairing them. Carrot Seed oil is used in many lotions and creams, but isn’t commonly seen in a cellulite treatment.

Organic Laurel Oil – Claims to smooth the skin cells and restore youthfulness to the skin surface.

Organic Ginger Oil – Claims to remove varicose veins altogether while smoothing out the appearance of cellulite.

Organic Plant Stem Cells – This claims to boost the body’s natural skin stem cells and “rejuvenate” “dormant” cells that are no longer doing their job as they should.

Organic Rosemary Verbenone Oil – Boosts skin cell regeneration by promoting cell turnover.

Organic Cypress Oil – Helps shrink pores that are larger than they should be, and smoothes the skin.

Organic Neroli Oil – Helps soften and smooth stretch marks and cellulite marks.

The Adonia Leg Tone serum doesn’t have any impressive ingredients that stand out. Plant stem cells have piqued the interest of many scientists and skeptics around the world, because they firmly believe plant stem cells can do absolutely nothing for the skin when applied to the surface. The above ingredients all typically serve one of a few purposes: to smooth, soften, and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Our Thoughts on Adonia Leg Serum

This Adonia Leg Tone Serum claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite in a record breaking 9 minutes. After 6 weeks you should see a 72% decrease in leg cellulite. Statistically speaking, the results should be much better after 6 weeks, but that’s only a small increase.

The Adonia anti-cellulite serum uses organic plant derived ingredients, which all serve the same purpose. It seems as if many of these are better for your body when consumed, not applied to the surface of your skin. Adonia also has a strong celebrity following. It’s quite amusing that their website shows a list of stars, one of them being “Melissa Joan Hart.” First of all, if you look closely, you can clearly tell that isn’t Melissa Joan Hart. Then if you look beneath her name it says “mother of Paris and Nicky Hilton.” Melissa is NOT the mother of Paris Hilton. This simple error truly shows how unprofessional the website is.

Pros: Adonia Leg Tone is an extremely popular product. There is a money back guarantee. It ships relatively quickly.

Cons: There are errors on the Adonia web site.You can’t help but wonder how many people were paid to show support for the product. Celebrity endorsements usually mean “scam.” The Leg Tone serum doesn’t contain a large amount of spectacular ingredients. It costs $87 per bottle. Final Verdict

While Adonia Legtone Serum appears to have a strong following, skeptics still firmly believe it does nothing. You would be better of trying a cellulite cream that has more proven cellulite-fighting ingredients and a higher satisfaction rate among users.