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Myths Regarding Cellulite and How To Get Rid of It

Cellulite is a huge problem and affects over 90% of the population all over the world, although there is no cure for it, there are several things that can be done to improve it. Unfortunately, as more women look for a solution that will help them with this problem, many myths regarding cellulite have been revealed. Understanding what dimpled skin is, and how it can be helped is essential to ensure that you do not fall foul of the myths.

Myths Regarding Cellulite and How To Get Rid of ItAlthough there is now quite a lot of research into dimpled skin, many companies still rely on people’s lack of knowledge of where dimpled-looking skin is concerned. The changes in your skin are the reason for the dimpled-looking skin, and often it is evident by the dimpling effect on your lower limbs, and abdomen. Cellulite is an actual description of the condition, and not the condition itself.  The term cellulite began to be used in the 1920’s, and in the late 1960’s became well known.

Many magazines and beauty columns began to use the word, and explain to women why they had this orange peel effect. Many doctors claim that it is not a medical condition, and simply a normal condition that occurs.  Although there is more known about dimpled-looking skin today there are still several different myths regarding dimpled-looking skin that people experience, and unfortunately are often fooled by.  

Only Women Are Affected

The first thing that people often believe in myths regarding cellulite is that only women are affected by cellulite, and this is very untrue. Although a larger proportion of women do have the condition, men can also have it.  Men that have lower levels of particular hormones are more likely to experience it.  Men often are not concerned about their physical appearance hence why they do not seek help for cellulite. Women tend to wear clothing that causes attention to the trouble spots, and this is why people notice it more.

Cellulite Can Be Removed By Liposuction?

Many people believe that cellulite can be removed by liposuction; however, this is very untrue and one of the myths regarding cellulite that can actually make the problem far worse.  The cellulite is caused by the fat directly underneath the surface of the skin, and liposuction removes the fat further inside the body. Therefore, the liposuction does not touch the problem area at all.  After you have had the liposuction, you will find that the skin and cellulite become more evident and flabby.  If you want to remove the cellulite, liposuction is not the way forward.

Exercise Gets Rid of Cellulite?

Although exercise does help your body to remain trimmed and looking great it doesn’t actually help with dimpled skin.  Although a good exercise routine will not eliminate the problem areas, it can help to maintain them. Dimpled skin is caused due to a hormone imbalance, and no amount of exercise can solve this problem. You will in fact see personal trainers that have elements and areas of cellulite although they are small. Burning the fat on your body can help to reduce the chance of getting any further cellulite.

Drinking-Water Helps Cellulite?

Drinking plenty of water can help with many different health problems and can make you feel and look so much better. However, it doesn’t help with dimpled skin and can cause the problem areas to be more prominent. 

Excess water can cause your skin to appear even more rippled, and manufacturers of cellulite creams work on drawing the excess water from your skin.  Although it may seem strange, you are often actually recommended to drink products with caffeine to help dehydrate your skin. Your cellulite will appear tighter, and smoother.

Poor Diet Causes Cellulite?

Food and drink have always been common myths regarding cellulite as the cause of cellulite, however, this is untrue.  Healthy eating is of course recommended, and you should try to eat the best products that you can cook, and prepared in a healthy way.  There are no specific foods that can help with your dimpled-looking skin, and the only way to determine if they are helping at all is to ensure that you live a healthy lifestyle. 

Overweight people are thought to have more dimpled skin, but this is also untrue, and very slim people can have just as much. There is also no exact age for when you may get cellulite, and some very young girls do suffer from it.  People believe that only older women get skin conditions, however, this is also untrue, and you need to look at your genetics. If your mother has dimpled skin, there is a large chance that you will also suffer from it.  Hopefully, being better informed will save you a great deal of time, and effort, and allow you to work on the things that do actually work.