Does Caffeine Really Work To Reduce Cellulite (2)
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Does Caffeine Really Work To Reduce Cellulite

Caffeine is one of the most common ingredients in almost every cellulite cream. Believe it or not, but it plays an important role in reducing the appearance of cellulite. There have been a number of studies that have proven that caffeine’s reduce cellulite. The purpose of these creams is to tighten the skin and smooth away the dimpling of cellulite.

Does Caffeine Really Work To Reduce CelluliteHow Does it Work?

The reason caffeine works is because of a derivative called methylxanthine. This ingredient works to eliminate fluid retention, which in turn smoothes the top layer of skin. There is an enzyme in our bodies called phosphodiesterase.

This enzyme prohibits the breakdown of fat cells. Caffeine works to prevent phosphodiesterase from sabotaging your body. Your body is then able to metabolize fat more quickly and efficiently. However, it is important to remember that this only works if applied topically. Ingesting caffeine, such as drinking soda or coffee can actually increase dimpled-looking skin.

For the Thrifty Money-Saver

Anti-cellulite creams can be expensive and if you have several large areas that need attention, you may go through them rather quickly. Here is a cheaper, yet still quite effective, an alternative to reduce cellulite if money is a problem for you.

While most topical creams only contain small concentrated amounts (7%) of caffeine, you can get a more direct result by rubbing warm coffee ground on your problem areas and then applying a seaweed wrap. (If you don’t have access to a seaweed wrap, you can wrap plastic wrap around the areas instead.) Once everything is wrapped up tight, use a rolling pin to smooth the layers of skin and then unwrap and wash the coffee off. For optimum results, try caffeine to reduce cellulite twice a week.

Drinking or Eating Caffeine will NOT Help

Unfortunately, some women may see the title and run out and gorge on chocolate bars, thinking that the caffeine is going to get rid of their cellulite. Wrong! In every instance where caffeine has worked in reducing cellulite, it was applied topically.

It is important to pair this with a healthy diet and adequate exercise as well. Simply drinking coffee will not send the caffeine directly to your problem areas or help in diminishing your cellulite.

Hopefully, this information has possibly answered your questions and cleared up any misconceptions you’ve had regarding caffeine reduce cellulite. When choosing the right anti-cellulite cream always look carefully at the list of ingredients.

Nine-time out of ten, caffeine will be listed there. But it never hurts to also see how much is included in the formula. While the manufacturer may not list the concentration, one helpful tip is that the first few ingredients listed are the primary ones with the highest concentration included to reduce cellulite. Look for a cream that includes caffeine high up on the list and you should be getting your money’s worth.